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Canine Country Club Day Spa and Country Retreat
5075 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: 214-526-2033       Fax: 214-526-2036
Wellness Center Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-4pm
Country Retreat Drop-off Only: Monday through Saturday 8-10am
Country Retreat Pick-up Hours: Mon 12-3pm or 4-6pm, or Tue-Fri 3-6pm, or Sat 2-4pm

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Veterinarian Care * Behavioral Counseling * Country Retreat

Country Retreat
Our Country Retreat offers climate-controlled suites with indoor and outdoor access. Activities include group or individual playtime, swimming in the Country Club pond, catching balls and frisbees, and so much more. Your pet won't want to go home! Our Country Retreat is located on 380 scenic acres in the countryside near Ennis Texas, approximately 30 miles south of Dallas. Our guests enjoy complimentary transportation from the Day Spa drop off point in Dallas to the kennel in air-conditioned comfort. In additon to transportation; all playtime, food, treats, bedding, and toys are also included in your boarding rate!

Doggy Day Care
We offer a "free play" environment where your dog can socialize or simply relax. We have multiple daycare rooms to accommodate all sizes, ages, and energy levels. Lots of walks, snuggles, and romps with their playmates are sure to leave your pooch tired but happy at the end of the work day. Snacks provided, but please bring a lunch if you would like your pet to eat while staying with us for the day!

Our experienced groomers can custom tailor a look for virtually any breed of dog or cat. Bring in a picture, request a specific cut, or just describe how you would like your pet to look and we'll be happy to accommodate your requests. Those with grooming appointments are also allowed the privileges that the day care guests enjoy, in addition to their spa services.

Vet Services
At the Canine Country Club and Wellness Center you will find a veterinarian and staff dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical well-being of your pet. Through an integrated approach we focus on preventative healthcare such as custom vaccinations, parasite screening, blood work, and nutritional consultations so your pet can live a long, healthy and happy life.

We are partnered with Susan Blatz - Dog Behaviorist. She hosts training classes on Saturday mornings and also offers one on one private tutoring during business hours. Susan uses an "attitude adjustment" method, which teaches your dog to make good choices and follow directions. It is a reward based method using praise, games, and sometimes treats! Your dog learns to get attention by showing good behavior.
See the Dallas Observer News article, "The Dog Whisperer" for more information on her successful techniques.

Friends of Canine Country Club
See how much your fur family loves the Canine Country Club!

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  Paws in the City is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to ending the abuse, neglect and overpopulation of Dallas-area dogs and cats. Their volunteers place dogs and cats into foster and adoptive homes. Every dollar raised goes to foster, adoption, medical and spay/neuter programs. We are pleased to be working with them!
  We are a member of the Pet Care Services Association (formerly ABKA), a non-profit trade association for pet care service businesses. We abide by the PCSA code of ethics, which assures pet owners that their beloved pets will receive professional, loving care.
  Dallas | Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club (DFWLRRC), incorporated in the state of Texas, is a non-profit, charitable (501)c(3) organization that is dedicated to alleviating the needless death and suffering of homeless or misplaced (lost and stray) purebred Labrador Retrievers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
  We are proud to work with Susan Blatz, Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, helping dogs and their owners settle their problems using a non-confrontational method. Her "Attitude Adjustment" behavior training builds on the bond between you and your dog, as you teach him or her to make good choices, based on mutual respect and cooperation.

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